Agile Project Management Consulting Services

Agile software development and project management is a process, in which products and projects are delivered in small, short increments in order to maximize client feedback and minimize turnaround time.  ADSI has pioneered the application of agile methodologies to its IT delivery services for years.  Traditional firms and our competitors often deliver IT projects that suffer from cost overruns and schedule delays while resulting in few mission-related outcomes.

ADSI’s focus on a process oriented, responsive and adaptive project methodology is supported by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO), which notes that agile methods are the future of government IT services delivery.  Developing IT projects via an agile methodology reduces risk of misalignment of outcomes, speeds time to ROI and allows for more fine tuned control of outcomes.

Organizations have a variety of Project Management processes and ADSI’s Project Management Consulting services are able to complement an organization at all phases of policy development – from nonexistent to mature.

ADSI’s expert consultants can help drive better management and decision making through comprehensive training of your organization’s Project Managers of all skill levels.

Project Management Office Support Areas

An evaluation of your business needs for internal Project Management. We conduct interviews with key staff and management, review existing methods, procedures and current project plans as well as your track record in Project Management. Recommendations include short and long-term implementation plans.

Develop and support the implementation of a Project Office and Methods for managing projects. This service supports not only the establishment of the Project Office, but also all supporting tools, training and mentoring/coaching of Project Managers, team members and executives.

This service either assists in the development of a PM Methodology or integrates our effective techniques and your processes into best practices for Initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing a project. Often called a methods “tune-up” these often form the basis of a Project Office.

Perform all Project Initiation work products in an accelerated session which ensures the project begins on the right foot with more effective plans, lower risk, more realistic estimates, and increased customer and management commitment.

We specialize in developing and assisting your project manager in specific, short-term situations: reviewing project plans, making recommendations on specific issues, estimating projects, creating the WBS, etc.

Were the goals, objectives and requirements of your project met? What lessons were learned? Our audit will identify these factors in order to capitalize on the experiences more effectively.

Use our proven Project Mangement curriculum or we can build an interactive training environment using our courseware. We offer a comprehensive series of Project Management courses.