Mobile, web application development and website design are critical services to today’s businesses.  At ADSI we have an experienced staff with cross-platform mobile design experience, graphic design and marketing website design capacities and robust web application development experience.

Business applications must be mobile and readily accessible.  At ADSI we hasten the time to deployment across multiple system architectures through expert leveraging of numerous Azure services and technologies including Mobile Back-end as a Service (MBaaS) and Xamarin Native.  We are able to provide clients with cross-platform mobility through a single build, which helps ensure maximum security, improved user roll-outs and more robust mobile solutions.

ADSI leverages the Azure App Service to help our clients deploy Mobile and Web applications faster with greater reliability.  Our team of sophisticated Azure Developers build powerful  and scalable business solutions from a cloud-first perspective and apply Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS), C#, ASP.NET MVC, Angular 2, CSS3 and HTML5 to deliver applications that serve Enterprise needs in a rapidly evolving environment.

Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile devices now access the Internet more often than desktop computers.  More than half of all U.S. Internet traffic occurs on a mobile device.  If your organization doesn’t have a mobile presence or native mobile application there’s a great chance you are not accessing either your employees or customers in their preferred methods.  ADSI’s proven team of software developers and graphic designers can consult your organization to provide the scalable, high-powered, mobile-first, cloud-back mobile solution needed to meet your business challenges.  We are experienced iOS and Android developers with the ability to prototype in both native and cross-platform frameworks of development.  As a CMMI Level 3 company our products will be delivered on time and in adherence to the gathered requirements.

ADSI begins each client engagement with a guided requirements gathering process to ensure that the specification of your business needs is complete and comprehensive.  Our custom mobile solutions will place your business into a prime position for success in a mobile-first world.  The consultation process is key as it allows us to identify user access and security issues, as well as capture the design needs of your business.

ADSI deploys a Joint Application Development (JAD) process to streamline the mobile application design process.  These guided meetings with your business stakeholders and our development team and graphic designers are structured to capture the true needs of the application, solve any problems through transparent communication and emerge with a solid design document.  This process saves time and money by reducing risks related to miscommunication and this leads to a more efficient and transparent development process.

At ADSI our development team has true expertise in both native and cross-platform mobile development frameworks.  We offer a number of scaling options depending on your needs and rely on the powerful Microsoft Azure Mobile Back-End as a Service (MBaaS) and Amazon Web Services to deploy applications flexibly and robustly.  ADSI engineers are able to develop cross-platform solutions from the first sprint.

Bluetooth technology, which is rapidly becoming a household standard, refers to a wireless communication technology that allows devices to communicate over small and medium distances without an Internet connection.  Near-Field Communication (NFC) is a similar technology, but this form of communication doesn’t need to launch an application and devices within 10 centimeters of each other may communicate freely and instantly, which is revolutionizing many industries especially mobile payment.  Everyday technologies that communicate to each other or a server via Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-FI are a part of the growing Internet of Things (IoT).   ADSI’s development services enable your organization to participate in the future of technology especially through mobile application development and our developers are helping clients pair their devices with products for an enhanced customer experience.

Web Applications & General Web Services

ADSI’s Web Development practice spans three general services: Web Application Development, Content Management System Implementations and Web Design Services.  ADSI offers state-of-the-art web application development services that leverage the Azure App Service to help our clients deploy Mobile and Web applications faster with greater reliability.  Our team of sophisticated Azure Developers build powerful  and scalable business solutions from a cloud-first perspective and apply Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS), C#, ASP.NET MVC, Angular 2, CSS3 and HTML5 to deliver applications that serve Enterprise needs in a rapidly evolving environment.

ADSI also understands that organizations of all sizes and budgets will benefit from an optimized web presence.  ADSI is able translate its robust requirements gathering processes to web development at all scales that aligns your organization’s online needs with best practices in regards to quality content, clear navigation, branded visuals and metrics to track the levels of success.  As such we specialize in delivering websites for your organization that is optimized for search (SEO optimized) and equipped with a graphic user interface so that your organization can maintain content as needed.  Our approach to web development and consulting is comprised of four main strategic thrusts:

At ADSI our team of developers will begin a web consulting project with our client by hosting sessions to understand the overall goals of the site the target audience and the desired marketing tactics.  This requirements gathering process allows us to better formulate a web design that delivers the kinds of content your potential customers want to engage with.  Our experienced team of designers and developers will clarify the top-level details through a process that elicits site wireframes, feature specifications and user stories or use cases.  This thorough process to determine the optimal content from the beginning saves time and money for you and your business.  Once the content is specified our team will advance to a more detailed phases of design which minimizes project risk.

Organization and structure is pivotal to optimizing the presentation and layout of the content that has been agreed upon through a JAD session and written down as the content strategy.  ADSI’s developers are able to work from target audience and digital revenue targets to map the best flow of content organization through the site, which leads to the prioritization of various page designs.  ADSI’s designers and developers will establish a solution that is ideal across all screen formats and flows to the most desirable content seamlessly.

Today’s target customer access your organization’s site from a vast number of different devices with different screen sizes and resolutions.  As such, ADSI’s designers and developers work from a mobile-first, cloud-backed frame of reference that relies on the simplest technologies possible to capture the greatest amount of functionality.  Designing from the smallest devices upwards, ADSI’s integrated solution teams will develop a responsive site that is both more intuitive and more desirable to your clients.  Finally, the lengths that ADSI’s teams go to in order to achieve responsive design also go hand-in-hand with SEO principles and best practices.

ADSI leverages its vast experience as a CMMI Level 3 certified IT company and agile software development firm to the process of website development.  From a multi-million user, MBaaS, Azure backed IoT web application to a WordPress site for a local car garage, ADSI has established best-in-class testing practices to ensure success throughout the project’s lifecycle.  ADSI’s team of developers will ensure cross-browser and cross-platform functionality that aligns with our principles of responsive design.