Cloud Services

Today the “cloud” is more than just a buzz word – it’s a necessity. We help organizations create powerful business solutions atop Azure and we implement technologies for our clients that leverage Internet of Things, Mobile and Web Applications, Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service frameworks.

  • Migration Services

    Today’s businesses demand enterprise applications that are pay-as-you-go, scale automatically and exhibit on-demand availability, which precipitates a seismic shift in application activity to the cloud. We organizations prepare for the leap to the Azure cloud through a suite of migration strategies that ensures a smooth transition of all processes and applications.  We provide the full-package of services including estimates of capacity needs, resource migration, information security policy implementation that includes information recovery and back-up planning.  Our full suite of services aid businesses in maintaining their processes and competitive advantage while ushering in the forefront of Azure cloud technologies.

  • Managed Services

    Our mission is to help our clients efficiently manage and align their business processes with the best technology available.  Thanks to the powerful tools available through the Azure cloud we are able to offer stellar services such as reliable scheduling and control of cloud activities via Azure Scheduler, automation of cloud resource usage via Azure Automation, continuously monitor data streams, faults and other operational intelligence and monitor our clients’ deployed applications via the Azure Portal.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    Allow ADSI to help your company adopt an Infrastructure as a Serivce (IaaS) cloud model to reduce hardware costs, quickly sale when the need arises and become more secure with a cloud based infrastrucure.  Modernising infrastructure to an IaaS model also simplifies the process of managing software updates and maintenance to allow our clients to focus on their core business

    ADSI is able to provide secure, compliant cloud infrastructure that allows our clients of all maturity levels to experience a successful move to the cloud.  Our solutions allow clients the flexibility to adopt a pure cloud based or hybrid solution with a mixture of cloud and on-site infrastructre.  Allow ADSI’s expert consultants to assess your business needs today in order to find the optimum cloud IaaS configuration solution that is secure, convenient and cost-effective.

    Why Choose ADSI’s Cloud Solutions?

    • Secure – ADSI is a Certified Microsoft Partner and the Azure cloud is the most compliant and secure platform available with a comprehensive set of certifications
    • Flexible – Cloud solutions are not one-size fits all, we help our clients choose between full cloud and hybrid service models
    • Cost efficient – ADSI cloud services leverage flexible pricing models based on usage and allow clients to reduce physical hardware costs
    • Scalable – Cloud services scale quickly and our clients add resources as needed
    • Accessible – We bring our clients workflows to the cloud to facilitate a remote workforce with easy, secure access